Travel tips

Travelling by Air:

  • Seat selection:
    • If you’re tall pick the isle seat – you’ll be able to easily escape your confines without having to bug other people
    • If you’d like to sleep pick the window seat – you’ll be able to lean up against it
    • If you’re travelling as a couple then pick the two seats closest to the isle – often the airline won’t fill the remaining seat
    • Choose seats towards the back of the plane
      • People don’t seem to like sitting at the back of the plane, so you’ll have a higher probability of getting an empty seat next to you
      • you’ll have more room for your luggage
      • quicker access to the restrooms/toilets and air-hostesses
      • You’ll probably be further away from crying babies and sick people
  • Boarding the plane:
    • If you want your carry-on luggage checked (for free) all the way to your final destination, then try board as late as possible
      • Often times they have run out of carry-on space on board, so your luggage will be checked for free
      • No need to mind a bag at your stop-overs 😉
    • If you have fragile or valuable stuff in your carry-on luggage then:
      • Make sure you get on the plane as quickly as possible 
      • Don’t fly with United Airlines – they seem to use tiny planes for some of their destinations and your luggage will almost certainly get thrown in the hold of the plane
  • Comfort:
    • Bring your own water and snacks – the air-hostesses just don’t come around often enough
    • Drink lots of water, otherwise you will become dehydrated
    • Get one of those neck pillows – they’re not great, but far better than nothing


More tips to follow soon….

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