3D Printing – Video of my first successful 3D print being created


Adventures in 3D Printing – Part 1 of hundreds

So it’s taken me a little over a year to put my 3D printer together, but I’ve finally done it.

This is what it looks like:

3D Printer

After many hours of trying to calibrate the machine last Thursday, I finally managed to successful print my first 3D object:

First 3D Print

He’s not quite a high quality specimen yet, but he’s strong as hell and a really good start.

I really wasn’t expecting to be able to create objects that are that strong, so I’ve quite excited about the possibilities now.

I’ll be posting a video of the printing process shortly, but here’s a snapshot in the meantime:

3D Printer at work

I’m envisioning creating many more posts related to 3D printing as I learn this craft, so please check back regularly 🙂

The last piece of the puzzle has arrived!!! :-)

I’m feeling so excited, as (hopefully) the last piece of the puzzle has arrived !!! 🙂

I can’t wait to get home and try out my 3D printer.

Stepper driver - DRV 8825